More on Meditation

I was watching the video below as part of the Conscious Engineering Course I am enrolled in with Mindvalley Academy, and am impressed with the inspiration behind the 6 Phase Meditation. I have been using this meditation the last week or so and have experienced great benefits of lowered stress, greater results studying for the GRE, and focus on my end goals. However, I recognize the greater importance now, as it’s the combination of the best of what Vishen Lakhiani has acquired from his research for his own happiness through meditation techniques. There is valuable information in this 35 minute video, which includes the meditation. Continue reading

What I have learned about gratitude

Gratitude has been tricky for me.

When life is going they way I like, it’s easy to make a list of things I’m grateful for. I used to easily find the positive in situations and offer up a pray of thanks to God.

Cliche: then “life” happened. A lot of “life” happened.

I lost track of gratitude. I lost track of my sense of self-esteem. I lost track of my dreams and goals. I lost myself. I lost connection to friends. I lost connection to family. I lost connection to God.

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