Taking a break 

Update: March 10, 2017

Because my husband loves me.wp-image-1838235318jpg.jpg

Because I needed cheering up.

Because we are taking a (forced) break from fertility treatments. My functional cyst is creating dysfunction. It doesn’t look like IUI is going to work for us. We get to decide whether we go the IVF route or adoption. It’s not an easy decision. There was no pre-determined plan. There isn’t a guide book for this scenario. There are pros and cons for both. We don’t know how to make this decision; a very expensive decision without any guarantees. Update: I am scared of IVF – not completely sure why. I’m not sure I can do it. It’s a lot more invasive. It’s just – a lot more. We always planned on adopting; we thought it was going to be AFTER having biolog
ical children. Adoption will happen; it’s a matter of when.

I was really hoping my birthday present was a positive pregnancy test. I wish I could learn to not set myself up for disappointment.