Meditation: Transform Your Breathe

Your breath is a powerful tool. Your breath communicates what is happening in your body. What is your body telling you? What does your breath feel like? Take a minute or two to watch your breath and notice the transformation that happens. Do the following:

1) sit tall in a comfortable position.
2) feel the connection of your sit bones on your chair/ground/etc.
3) begin to find a steady, easy breath, guiding it through the nose
4) close your eyes and continue to breathe. As you breathe in notice, that you are breathing in; as you breathe out, notice you are breathing out.

What transformation did you experience?

Live your yoga

Yoga is more than your physical practice (aka asana). Yoga is not a religion. It is a journey to oneself, connecting the Higher Power (whatever name you give). It is a spiritual practice. Yoga gives you the tools to move from a place of imbalance to balance.


If your yoga practice expands you and gives you joy, then it is the right yoga practice for you. The best yoga practice is when it is integrated into your life. Namaste!

Yoga gives you the tools to move from a place of imbalance to balance.

Genetic Counseling: Down Syndrome Awareness

I am taking part of an online course through University of South Carolina for future genetic counselors. Part of being a genetic counselor is being an advocate, creating awareness, and educating others about genetic conditions and that’s what I intend to do, starting now. One of the website reviews for the week about prenatal genetics was a website dedicated to supporting families with a Down Syndrome diagnosis. I have been fortunate in my life to have not been sheltered from conditions like this and lately I have realized I’m a minority. As I work through this course, I’ll share awareness, keeping with my theme of “learn, experience and share.” In honor of National Down Syndrome month (October) I’m sharing my review of the website If you chose not to read the whole post, the one take-away I want to leave you with to stop using the word “retard(ed)” to describe anyone or anything. Thank you!

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Daily Inspiration: my current three quotes

Updated: 10/29/2015

I have three quotes that I am currently using to better my life because we all lack in this area in some way. We each have our own unique circumstances that made us who we are. Parents, teachers, friends, colleagues, family members all play a part in how we view ourselves; and most of the time is was/is unintentional hurt that can be caused and most imprinting happened before the age of 7. So what is one to do? Take back the power of your thoughts!

“I am Enough” from Marisa Peer’s YouTube video.

Marisa is a speaker, therapist, writer & behavioural expert gives great advice about praising ourselves and becoming our own best friend. Praising ourselves isn’t narcissistic, it’s healthy and necessary. In a culture where I was taught to be humble, I inadvertently squashed my self-esteem in the process. I gave away my power to feel good. There is healing that is happening now that I’m aware of the blocks.

“I LOVE Myself” from Kamal Ravikant’s YouTube video.

Kamal Ravikant is an entrepreneur and author of “Love Yourself As If Your Life Depended On It.” Along the same sentiments as Marisa Peer’s message, we have to take care of ourselves first. If I don’t fully, unconditionally love myself I can’t be expected to love others the same way, or receive that love from others.

“Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be” from Abraham Lincoln.

These signs are posted on the bathroom mirrors, as per Marisa Peer’s suggestion.IMG_20150820_220423546-01 Anyone who comes to my home, and looks in a bathroom mirror will also receive the loving message.

Keeping it real: Anxiety & Stress

For a week now, I have endured an itchy, sometimes painful rash. It’s a new experience for me and when it’s finally gone, I hope to never recreate it. I’m 85% sure it’s due to stress. And it stresses me out!! Why? Because I have been extremely dedicated to self-care: meditating daily, pursuing studies in self-growth studies through Mindvalley Academy, yoga practice and weight-lifting.

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More on Meditation

I was watching the video below as part of the Conscious Engineering Course I am enrolled in with Mindvalley Academy, and am impressed with the inspiration behind the 6 Phase Meditation. I have been using this meditation the last week or so and have experienced great benefits of lowered stress, greater results studying for the GRE, and focus on my end goals. However, I recognize the greater importance now, as it’s the combination of the best of what Vishen Lakhiani has acquired from his research for his own happiness through meditation techniques. There is valuable information in this 35 minute video, which includes the meditation. Continue reading

What I have learned about gratitude

Gratitude has been tricky for me.

When life is going they way I like, it’s easy to make a list of things I’m grateful for. I used to easily find the positive in situations and offer up a pray of thanks to God.

Cliche: then “life” happened. A lot of “life” happened.

I lost track of gratitude. I lost track of my sense of self-esteem. I lost track of my dreams and goals. I lost myself. I lost connection to friends. I lost connection to family. I lost connection to God.

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Keeping it Real: blogging

I haven’t written for awhile. At least nothing personal. I’ve thought about. I have lots of ideas. And that’s where it stops. I pull up the web browser (do we even still use that term anymore?). I log in. I type. Delete. Type again. Delete. Fingers type. Save as a draft. I have 3 posts in draft. I just can’t get them to come together.

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Benefits of the pose: Balasana (Child’s Pose)

Yoga‬, or actually ‪‎asana‬, doesn’t mean you HAVE to wrap yourself into a pretzel, or look like the models on the front of the yoga magazine (any magazine for that matter) or eat a certain diet. It’s about surrender. It’s about love and life. It’s about taking time for yourself. It’s about calming the body and mind. It’s about doing what feels good in YOUR body. Ultimately, it’s about preparing yourself for meditation and being with your true self, bowing down to your higher self. Balasana (BAH-las-anna), or child’s pose, is a basic kneeling forward bend, bowing and surrendering.

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