Meditation: Guided Listening

I was originally taught and used to think a meditation practice had to be sitting tall with the legs crossed focusing on a mantra with no other thoughts for 30 minutes.

I have since learned that is all BS.

A meditation practice is ANY amount of time you set aside for yourself to listen:

  • to your thoughts because they will never stop;
  • to your feelings or emotions because they want to be acknowledged and validated;
  • to your breath because it lets you know how your body is feeling; 
  • to your heart beat because it’s always there; 
  • to someone guide you because you don’t have to do it alone.

Lately, I’ve needed to do the later.

I share with you guided meditations! I am not endorsed in any way for this but I have been using Insight Timer. I’ve been listening to the meditation featured in the screenshot image, “Healing Through Letting Go,” at least twice a week. I listen to Yoga Nidra to fall asleep. I sometimes listen to a 5 minute meditation to get my day started. The experience of meditating when I start to feel overwhelmed, tired, or upset helps to alleviate those feelings. I usually, not always, but usually come away from meditation with a clearer head and calmer body.

I’m not perfect at meditating every day. No one is. But I’m perfect at practicing to do it every day for whatever amount of time. I hope you can too. 

More on Meditation

I was watching the video below as part of the Conscious Engineering Course I am enrolled in with Mindvalley Academy, and am impressed with the inspiration behind the 6 Phase Meditation. I have been using this meditation the last week or so and have experienced great benefits of lowered stress, greater results studying for the GRE, and focus on my end goals. However, I recognize the greater importance now, as it’s the combination of the best of what Vishen Lakhiani has acquired from his research for his own happiness through meditation techniques. There is valuable information in this 35 minute video, which includes the meditation. Continue reading