Home Improvements

Our home still has a lot of bare walls that need to be decorated. I’ve struggle in deciding what to put up where; and do I DIY or buy it or a combination of both?? I particularly need crafts when I am dealing with bouts of depression and anxiety. I like to get lost in the meditative feel of creating, losing track of time and letting my thoughts come and go. Creativity is my therapy and here are a few of my most recent creations.

Creativity is my therapy.

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Yoga for the brain

Coloring with my non-dominant hand.

It was not easy. It took multiple days because my hand would cramp or I would get frustrated because it was taking longer than I wanted.

I call it yoga for the brain because it forced me to be present in the activity I was doing. It was a safe way to explore those uncomfortable feelings of frustration, cramping, and awkwardness.



Creativity: recent art projects



I used PicCollage filmstrip option to create my header image. I took images I had taken of what I feel represents the theme of my blog, life (plants), yoga (me in different poses), and creativity (one of my acrylic paintings).

PhotoGrid_1430102038295 PhotoGrid_1430101845267

Pictures from lengthening the spine. The camera on my phone (Droid Ultra) is pretty decent. I have to be creative when getting visuals for yoga poses, since I’m usually alone. I set my phone up using whatever is handy (this one was a few yoga blocks), take video, and then take screenshots of the images I need. Viola! I have an image to edit and add my own watermark. I use PicCollage to add text onto my image and turn the opacity down (or is it up?) to give it that watermark feel. There’s probably an app for that, I just haven’t found one to use.


I enjoyed creating this image for my Journal entry. I layered my journals on top of each other, snapped a photo. I then used SnapSeed to add the Grunge filter and played with it until it made it a little difficult to actually read the content on my journal pages while leaving enough visibility to see my handwriting. I had mentioned this entry how I would go from print to cursive.

10731025_10207053549555922_2784667663955671034_n 11052411_10207053522515246_8237276051713195015_n 11351203_10207053523435269_3222254542630374933_n

Lastly, this little kitten (still no name) is adorable! The first picture I played with the app AfterFocus to create the blurred background effect. The others are just candids of the first few weeks of his life with us.


I have experiment with creating audio for some of my yoga posts. It can be difficult to read cues and follow them. Using a voice recorder app, I have so far created two audios. I admit they aren’t the best quality. I am learning. The experience of listening to my own voice is interesting. In my head I sound like me, but recorded, I sound like my sister mixed with ‘me.’ It’s weird. I can’t begin to imagine what it would be like to be an actor, watching myself in a movie. That’s probably why I haven’t produced any videos yet. Anyway, that’s another blog post for another day.

I’m still figuring out the best way to share the audio on my blog. Right now I am using Google drive, and I think it’s working well. If you have any suggestions, I am totally open to them!

Here are the two audios I’ve created so far.


It’s fun and a lot of work creating and upkeeping this online journey/journal. Thanks for joining me!!