Meditation: Guided Listening

I was originally taught and used to think a meditation practice had to be sitting tall with the legs crossed focusing on a mantra with no other thoughts for 30 minutes.

I have since learned that is all BS.

A meditation practice is ANY amount of time you set aside for yourself to listen:

  • to your thoughts because they will never stop;
  • to your feelings or emotions because they want to be acknowledged and validated;
  • to your breath because it lets you know how your body is feeling; 
  • to your heart beat because it’s always there; 
  • to someone guide you because you don’t have to do it alone.

Lately, I’ve needed to do the later.

I share with you guided meditations! I am not endorsed in any way for this but I have been using Insight Timer. I’ve been listening to the meditation featured in the screenshot image, “Healing Through Letting Go,” at least twice a week. I listen to Yoga Nidra to fall asleep. I sometimes listen to a 5 minute meditation to get my day started. The experience of meditating when I start to feel overwhelmed, tired, or upset helps to alleviate those feelings. I usually, not always, but usually come away from meditation with a clearer head and calmer body.

I’m not perfect at meditating every day. No one is. But I’m perfect at practicing to do it every day for whatever amount of time. I hope you can too. 

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