Isn’t It Ironic 

So, this happened today. Birth control to get me pregnant, eventually.


Birth control pills

I. Can’t. Even. There was some ugly crying/sobbing. There was some choking up when sharing the news with the husband. He loving came home early from work to give me a hug. And took me to Chick-fil-A.

This was supposed to be “easy.”  I was fine in the preliminary tests. We thought the swimmers needed… a short cut. Enter the curve ball – Clomid – and how it made my ovaries crazy (the doctor hasn’t said as much but I have a feeling it is)! Birth control makes me crazy but it’s supposed to suppress the estrogen that is a result of the cysts or visa versa. I haven’t wanted to take the time to study the biology/chemistry. I have already apologized to the husband for any hormonal rage that might occur during the next 28 days of waiting. Assuming I get over the extreme disappointment. Good-bye what was Round 4.

I have been pushed to the edge of my patience. I’m barely hanging on. Hence the humor because I’m trying.

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