Bump in the road

Yes, I skipped a post in this journey of #projectBaby which should have been Round 3. I guess it’s time to catch up.

The short story: last month, my period came early. While on vacation. I barely made it back in time for the first ultrasound on Day 5. Only to be told we had to take a month off because I had cysts on both ovaries. A month off? We’ve barely done anything!! Stupid clomid.

The detailed story: The husband and I went on a week-long-very-much-needed vacation. Just the two of us. No work. No family. No responsibility. My period was due at the end of the week, so it wasn’t going to ruin the vacation too much nor was it going to cause  timing issues.

In true bad-luck-fashion, my period came 3 DAYS EARLY!! WTH?! Why was it such a problem because I am blessed with 24 hours of cramps on top of the fatigue and murder scene happening down there and not sure if I could still get in for the first u/s. (I say blessed because I know some women have it way worse.) I called REACH in a small panic hoping that we wouldn’t have to miss a month (ha!) and was informed that if I could be to the office by 10am Saturday, they would be able to see me. Our flight was set to arrive at 9am that very morning. I had a friend offer to pick me up at the airport (with her child that hates being in the car, we’re talking screaming) to get me to the clinic. The husband would wait to get our luggage, pay for parking, and then meet me there. With a plan set, I survived the 24 hours to enjoy the rest of the vacation.

Turns out, I could have spared my friend the journey, and myself the stress of hoping our flight would be on time, etc.

Numb is how I’ve felt most of the month. Of course we still “tried on our own” but after 3+ years that just seems ridiculous. Some will get the miraculous clomid baby but I’m not holding my breath.

Pain is something else I felt all month. Cysts hurt. Every time I took a step, or coughed, or moved, I had pain. Some have felt ovulation pain, some haven’t, but I had it all month. Cysts are supposed to clear up on their own. There is nothing more to do than wait.

Today is Day 1 of what should be Round 4. I’m between feeling numb and hopeless.

At the very least, I set up my Christmas tree and the cats haven’t destroyed it. I have had a lot of love from friends and family and bloggers. Thank you.


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