Home Improvements

Our home still has a lot of bare walls that need to be decorated. I’ve struggle in deciding what to put up where; and do I DIY or buy it or a combination of both?? I particularly need crafts when I am dealing with bouts of depression and anxiety. I like to get lost in the meditative feel of creating, losing track of time and letting my thoughts come and go. Creativity is my therapy and here are a few of my most recent creations.

Creativity is my therapy.

States we have lived in

I had a few stops and starts with this one. I had forgotten how to use mod podge and had to redo 2 of the 3 states. If I would have just read the instructions….but it’s in the past. Sometimes I learn better from mistakes.


I bought long planks of wood, had my husband cut them to size, I sanded the end, and stained them with stain we had around. I used my art skills to draw the states onto scrapbook paper. The size of the states are 11X14, the wood frame is 16X20. The heart indicates the city we lived in (not exact to scale). Honestly, I’m pretty proud of how they turned out.

The letter ‘G’

I didn’t really have a plan for this one. It just happened as I watched a movie with my husband. A 6X6in burlap canvas from WalMart and yarn I had lying around and viola!


Word collage

This one is probably my favorite. I worked out all the mod podge kinks with the states, so I was prepared to work with all these little letters.


The wood is the same wood from the states project. I used an off-white color for the background, to make sure the letters ‘popped’ and were readable. My friend let me use and abuse her Cricut for cutting out all the words and it couldn’t have come together more perfect. This was pre-mod podge and it looks fantastic on my wall.


Don’t judge the small picture groups, they are a work in progress.

Tile and Grouting

Last but not least, I’m proud of the fact that I did the grouting for our tile backsplash. Patience and attention to detail happen to be two of my strengths that were desperately needed. We used sand grout and shouldn’t have. The clean up on the polished tiles turned out okay, we were worried we scratched them. The ‘rough’ tiles required a bit more attention and care with a toothbrush to get the extra grout off. It turned out pretty great!


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