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I was watching the video below as part of the Conscious Engineering Course I am enrolled in with Mindvalley Academy, and am impressed with the inspiration behind the 6 Phase Meditation. I have been using this meditation the last week or so and have experienced great benefits of lowered stress, greater results studying for the GRE, and focus on my end goals. However, I recognize the greater importance now, as it’s the combination of the best of what Vishen Lakhiani has acquired from his research for his own happiness through meditation techniques. There is valuable information in this 35 minute video, which includes the meditation.

I highly encourage you to listen to the video below and invite the practice of meditation into your own life, whether it be guided, visual, or sound meditation. We spend so much time on our physical well-being, like brushing our teeth, or taking a shower; that we neglect the another important part of ourselves, the spiritual.

The type of spiritual I’m referring to is bigger than religion or dogma, is the care of the higher YOU. I am religious but I have struggled in finding true happiness in dogma because of the lack of tools. There is a lot of talk about forgiveness, or atonement, or prayer, or studying scripture; but I felt there was something – more. I like steps and process. My journey into the vast world of self-empowerment and self-improvement (self-help) has lead me to Mindvalley and different mentors who have learned different tools or hacks or systems of living – whatever you want to call it. I have been given tools and steps to really activate the dogma and theories. I’m entering my experience phase at the same time as sharing with you. I haven’t achieved a big life changing moment or miracle to boast about, nonetheless, I’m experiencing small changes day by day. I’m learning to embody and level up to a happier state of living. I’m upgrading my negative thinking to positive, happier states of love and gratitude and forgiveness.

So please, watch the video. I only share content that I love. Or skip the video and at least listen to the audio for the meditation below.

A 15 Minute Mind-Hack to Massively Enhance Your Brain Power and Emotional State: Vishen Lakhiani“>

You can listen to the FREE mediation below, from, or download the app Omvana (available on iphone and Android). Listen to the guided meditation daily until it becomes second nature and you can meditate on your own.

6 Phase Guided Meditation by Vishen Lakhiani>

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