Keeping it Real: blogging

I haven’t written for awhile. At least nothing personal. I’ve thought about. I have lots of ideas. And that’s where it stops. I pull up the web browser (do we even still use that term anymore?). I log in. I type. Delete. Type again. Delete. Fingers type. Save as a draft. I have 3 posts in draft. I just can’t get them to come together.

I’m not depressed. It’s not depression that’s keeping me from writing.

It’s quality. I want quality. I am aware that quantity will create traffic to my blog and then I could utilize advertising or sponsoring. But I need quality. I demand quality from myself.

So if the post doesn’t flow out from my thoughts, through my fingers into words and paragraphs that I can be proud of; it gets saved as a draft until I am proud of it.

Unless I do a “keeping it real” post. Then it’s what comes out, as it comes out. The only editing is spelling and grammar because quality is still important. I’m not going to pull a full out Faulkner and leave out punctuation, as much as I can appreciate true stream of consciousness writing. Although, why limit myself. Okay, make that 4 posts in drafts because one dedicated to Faulkner could be really fun.

Back to quality.

Quality takes time. I like to research. I like to give credit where credit is due, so pulling together my resources is important to me. I like to make sure I’m sharing truth, as I understand it.

Thank you for your patience. Thank you for visiting my journal. Thank you for not being critical of my writings.

2 thoughts on “Keeping it Real: blogging

  1. Came to your blog while looking at chakra art. I did the same thing in regards to attempting to paint them at one time, in oils. I did hard line and each one took many moons 🙂 . If i knew how to send a pic here i would. possibly i’ll try your email after.
    Anyway, you come across as sincere, from the heart as “they” say.


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