Chakra Art

As I’ve been studying and preparing to write about the Chakras, I felt inspired to create this piece of art. Interestingly, it’s as I began my studies on the Second Chakra, the energy of creating.

I started by painting on 3×3 canvas’ the symbol for each Chakra.


The larger canvas is the background and outline of a body in a seated posture. I realized (too late) that the colors don’t perfectly line up with the location on the body, due to lack of planning/foresight.


To finish, I glued the 3×3 canvas’ onto the larger one. Ideally, they would line up one on top of the other. Sometimes when I get creative, I don’t always measure or plan ahead.


I do not claim to be a trained artist. I paint and create because I like it.

For those who might want to know more of the technicalities, here they are: I use Liquetex Basics paint I found at Hobby Lobby because of it’s smooth, buttery consistency. I use the random assortment of brushes I have. I use a paper plate for my palate and plastic cup for my water. I used to think I had to have all the “proper” supplies and tools and training before I could try something new. I am learning to let go of those limiting beliefs and “breaking” the rules to see what I can learn and accomplish.

I have always wanted to learn how to oil paint, and I’ll get there, however, I’m forever grateful for that Groupon I bought years ago for a “sips and stroke” painting class. I was the only student there, and I loved realizing how EASY it was to create a piece of art.

So try something new. Buy a groupon. Or attend one of those classes.

You are more creative than you think you are.

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