Lessons from the mat: how you feel about yourself

Why practice yoga? What benefits do you get? There are the physical benefits, strength & flexibility, stress relief and weight loss. On a deeper level, you learn to be with your thoughts & breath, learn to be with yourself, even learn to love yourself. You become a better version of yourself each time you spend time on your mat.



I am on that journey, to discover the better version of myself. There are times when it is difficult because of the experience I have with depression. I continue to show up on my mat because I have hope that my true self is bigger and better than what I currently experience. I want to believe that I can feel amazing about myself so that my thoughts default to positive rather than negative. I want to live a happy life effortlessly rather than going through the motions because that’s how to get through the day. I want to interact with the world from a place of trust and abundance rather than cynical.

I have those moments, on my mat during a practice, when I’m surrounded by others who are full of hope. We share a collective breath, a community of strength and sharing.

I am on a journey of truth. I am on a journey of healing. I am not a perfect yogi who has it all figured out. I am a yogi on a real-life journey figuring it all out.

What is your journey like? What do you hope for? I would love to hear your experiences.

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