T-shirt Quilt

I took a break from my regular duties to finish a project I started awhile ago.

My husband’s t-shirt quilt.


The blocks I had sewn together over a year ago, what was left was the backing and batting. I chose not to do a bound quilt, instead, I sewed the right sides together, then flipped the quilt inside out, and sewed a 1/2″ border around the edge. The last step will be to tie it, after I get the correct needle for the job.

Things I learned

1) Use the correct tools for the project, for example, use a quilt block to cut out the blocks. It would have been much easier and all the blocks would have come out uniform and straight.

2) T-shirts can be stretchy (jersey), using a ball point sewing machine needle makes all the difference; as does using a new one. A dull one causes problems, like, the thread catching. Once I replaced the needle, and oiled my machine, sewing a straight line became easy again.

3) Use a sheet for the backing, especially one bought from a thrift store (just wash it before using it). I am a visual person, so having a sheet in the size of quilt I was making (twin in this case) helped to arrange the blocks. I did do some math to determine how many and what size of block to cut out.

All the t-shirts used were ones my husband loved but had worn out. We both are sentimental people and I’m glad I was able to use my talents to help preserve memories for him in a form we both love, things to snuggle with (a.k.a. blankets)!!

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