Today’s Thoughts: Wednesday, June 3

I woke up late. (Shoot. ๐Ÿ‘Ž) A girl needs her (beauty?) sleep.

Volunteered. (Love my friends at Holy Angels. ๐Ÿ’—)

Ate too much bread. (Darn that yummy gluten-filled bread bowl and soup. I currently have an upset tummy. TMI? That’s what happens in a journal entry, folks.)

Taught a yoga class to two people (Yay! Doubled the class size. Rock it! ๐Ÿ‘Š)

Spent the evening researching how to pick a business name. (Because I am now an entrepreneur, never thought that would happen.) So far, I’ve learned the SMILE technique (thanks to wikiHow) S – simple M – meaningful I – imagery L – legs (meaning strong) E – emotional response. The don’t’s: avoid difficult spellings, copy cat names, random words, industry jargon, and difficult pronunciations. The do’s: consider staying open to growth, research trademarks, test ideas with friends or family, and pick a name that trends towards word play but avoid puns.

Throughout the day I left myself many notes on Google Keep because I have lots of ideas surrounding this whole new business thing. But I need a name….

I spent plenty of time getting distracted: created an profile ( and updated my LinkedIn account. All while binge-watching “How I Met Your Mother” (#HIMYM) on Netflix. PS my character crush is Ted Mosby.
And the distractions continues, they have a actual Barney’s Blog.
And if you saw the episode about awesome architect Ted, you’ll appreciate this:
I just feel in love with this show even more. We just won’t talk about the ending, I’m still a little (confused? miffed? upset?) about the ending.

Aaaand, getting back on track, I wrote this post using the WordPress app. Not my favorite, to be honest. But when you have the goal to put up content every day, this is how it is.

Because this is a journal blog, I feel Iย  should write a stream-of-conscious post every now and then. I’m keeping it real, sharing who I am. I am not a perfect yogi who has it all figured out. I am a yogi on a real-life journey figuring it out.

Honestly, I feel a little embarrassed about my ramblings. However, I get excited to learn and one thing leads to another and I end up totally off subject. It’s life. Experience it. Share with me your plain old day. It might be more fun than you think.

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