Complementary Forces

I took a break from blogging, about a 3 year break, by choice and by force. I felt I didn’t have anything to share because most of what was going on in my life I didn’t want to share, not with the world, a judging, harsh world. I felt if I “didn’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

I’m going to share what I have learned and how I have grown. I will continue to share what I learn, the ways I grow as an act of accountability to myself, to God, and to those out in the world who may benefit from my voice.

Journaling had always been my therapy, my refuge, my way to collect all the thoughts flowing in and out and around in my mind. I have stacks and stacks of journals, dating back to the age of 8-years-old. They sit, in a box, collecting dust. I wrote with the intent of sharing with my children, grandchildren, hoping to share wisdom and laughs and sorrow. I have no children (yet?? ever??) and I feel my voice may be silenced or unnecessary. Not anymore, thank you blogging world!

I have experienced the darkness to appreciate light; depression to happiness; loss to love; loneliness to friendship; all on my journey for more light and love and peace. Yoga has been my tool.

In yoga, there is a focus on an inhale followed by an exhale. Prana (inhale, breathe in) brings in life, energy and breath. Apana (exhale, breathe out) eliminates waste. (a) As much as I prefer the exhale, I can’t continue to exhale indefinitely. There HAS to be an inhale! In life, there will be a high (happiness, joy, excitement, forgiveness) and as much as I prefer those, I will experience a low (sorrow, pain, disappointment, sin). Yoga is my tool. Yoga was, and is, the gateway for my learning and experience.

I will continue to learn to appreciate the lows as much as the highs. I will continue to learn to be authentic and kind and courageous. I will continue to grow into the person I dream I truly am. I will continue to share my journey.

I will learn, experience, and share about the complementary forces at work in my life.

(a) Prana and apana are Sanskrit words broken down to: PRA meaning “before;” AN meaning “to breathe,” “to blow,” and “to live;” APA which means “away,” “off,” and “down.”  Kaminoff, Leslie. Yoga Anatomy. Chicago, IL:Human Kinetics 2007.

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